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AHDB Cattle and Sheep Weekly

28 September 2015

AHDB Cattle and Sheep Weekly - 28 September 2015AHDB Cattle and Sheep Weekly - 28 September 2015

Liveweight lamb trade up on the week

Following declines seen in the two previous weeks the liveweight lamb trade at GB auction markets has performed better this week.

In the week ended 23 September the GB SQQ was up by 2p on the week at 153.9p/kg. This leaves the trade 5p/kg ahead of the corresponding week in the season last year. This increase comes despite an increased number of lambs coming forward compared to the week earlier. Throughputs were up 11 per cent on the previous week and over a third higher than the same week in 2014.

Prices were probably supported by increased demand for the Muslim festival of Eid-al-Adha, with much of the increase coming in the later part of last week. Prices at the beginning of this week have been more subdued, but the SQQ stabilised at 152.4p/kg on Wednesday 23 September. However, despite the lower prices in the early part of this week, the SQQ has consistently been up week on week.

The deadweight trade eased in week ended 19 September following stronger prices in the two weeks previous. The SQQ fell by 4p on the week to 350.5p/kg, with estimates suggesting that throughputs were 14 per cent up on the week earlier and over 20 per cent up on the year. With prices falling against some stability at this time last year the gap between last year’s prices widened to be around 6p/kg lower. Despite this, the difference remains small compared to others seen since this season got underway.

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