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AHDB Cattle and Sheep Weekly

14 September 2015

AHDB Cattle and Sheep Weekly - 14 September 2015AHDB Cattle and Sheep Weekly - 14 September 2015

Downward trend returns to liveweight lamb trade

There were falls seen in the liveweight lamb trade this week.

In the week ended 9 September the GB SQQ fell by 2p on the week to 152.9p/kg. However, sharper falls at this time last year have meant that the weekly average price has just edged above last year’s. This is the first time since April that the weekly SQQ has been above last year’s level. Despite this, sharp falls were seen towards the end of the week, with the GB SQQ on Wednesday 9 September down by 13p on the week at 146.4p/kg.

It appears the higher prices last week have encouraged producers to bring more lambs to market as the number of lambs sold at GB auction markets increased. Numbers were up by 33 per cent on the previous bank holiday week and were almost 50 per cent higher than the same week in 2014. This appears to be the main driver behind the price fall as the strengthening euro and the upcoming Muslim festival of Eid-al-Adha (September 23) should still be contributing positively to demand for UK lamb. The percentage of lambs falling within the SQQ weight band remained at 76 per cent.

The deadweight market followed the trend seen in last week’s liveweight market and increased. In the week ended 5 September the GB dw SQQ increased by 11p to 342.7p/kg, this reduced the difference compared to 2014 to 27p. As well as the currency factors and the approaching Eid festival a 20 per cent fall in numbers in the deadweight sample, a reflection of the shorter bank holiday week, will also have helped to increase prices.


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