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Sheep Industry News: Botswana

25 November 2014
Crop Industry News from Botswana Major Vaccination Project Strives to Tackle FMD
BOTSWANA – Over 43,000 cattle vaccinations have been administered in northern Botswana after a Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak, caused by contact with wild animals, flared up last month....
18 September 2014
Crop Industry News from Botswana Rift Valley Fever Outbreak Reported in Botswana
BOTSWANA - A new outbreak of Rift Valley Fever has been detected in goats in the country. ...
28 August 2014
Crop Industry News from Botswana Suspected February Bluetongue Outbreak Confirmed in Botswana
BOTSWANA – Authorities have confirmed symptoms observed on a sheep farm in February as being Bluetongue virus....

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