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10 October 2016
Bluetongue Virus Continues Spread Through Cyprus
CYPRUS - The bluetongue virus is continuing to spread through sheep flocks and goat herds in Cyprus over the last few weeks....
20 July 2016
Bluetongue Vaccine Now Available for British Farmers
UK - The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has confirmed that bluetongue (BTV-8) vaccine is now available from two pharmaceutical retailers to manage the risk of a BTV...
09 December 2015
More Bluetongue Outbreaks Reported in Europe
EUROPE - Several more outbreaks of Bluetongue have been reported in France and Greece recently....
15 April 2015
More Bluetongue Outbreaks Reported in Croatia
CROATIA - Nine new outbreaks of bluetongue have been reported in sheep, goats and cattle....
16 March 2015
Bluetongue Virus Moves to Croatian Island
CROATIA - A small island off the south of Croatia has reported Bluetongue virus on six farms. ...
15 December 2014
Bluetongue Keeps Redrawing Borders
CYPRUS – The confines of the Bluetongue virus (BTV) has been substantially extended eastwards by official confirmation of an outbreak on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus....
25 November 2014
Bluetongue in Bulgarian Wildlife
EUROPE – Wild animals have become infected with Bluetongue in Bulgaria, resulting in deaths to deer and wild sheep....
21 November 2014
Emergency Bluetongue Vaccinations Reach Over 600,000
SPAIN – An emergency vaccination programme has vaccinated over 680,000 animals in response to the Bluetongue virus sweeping through southern Spain....
20 November 2014
November Brings More Bluetongue For Balkans
EUROPE – Colder weather has not checked the rising death toll from Bluetongue in southern Europe....
10 November 2014
Spanish Bluetongue Identified as Two Strains
SPAIN – Spain is battling two strains of Bluetongue, both notified elsewhere in Europe earlier this year. ...
06 November 2014
Bluetongue Affects 1,151 Sheep, Goats Across Europe this Week
EUROPE - Bluetongue has continued its spread through Serbia, Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina this week....
03 November 2014
Bluetongue Death Toll Rises, Turkey Croatia Infected
GLOBAL – Bluetongue virus has moved some 400 kilometres into Turkey killing three sheep on three farms after the initial summer outbreak on the country’s western periphery. ...
24 October 2014
Blutongue Continues Spread Through Italy, Romania This Week
ITALY and ROMANIA - Bluetongue has continued its spread through sheep, goat and cattle farms this week in Italy and Romania....
18 September 2014
Bluetongue Update: New Outbreaks, New Science
GLOBAL - Scientists better understand how the Bluetongue virus survives winters, as farmers across southern Europe try to cope with this summer’s rapidly spreading outbreak....
12 September 2014
Bluetongue Outbreak Spreads Rapidly Through Romania
EUROPE - The bluetongue outbreak has continued to spread through sheep herds in Italy and Bulgaria this week. The disease has now also been detected in eastern Romania where it has spread up...
28 August 2014
Macedonia and Romania Report Deepening Bluetongue Problem
EUROPE – Bluetongue virus has become established in central Romania and spread west across Macedonia over the last week, veterinary officials have confirmed....
26 August 2014
More Outbreaks of Blue Tongue on Macedonia
MACEDONIA - Further outbreaks of Blue Tongue disease have been reported among sheep goats and cattle in the Republic of Macedonia....
18 August 2014
Blue Tongue in Macedonia
MACEDONIA - A total of 21 outbreaks of blue tongue disease have been recorded in the republic of Macedonia....
11 August 2014
140 New Bluetongue Cases Reported in Bulgaria
BULGARIA - One hundred and forty new cases of bluetongue have been reported in Bulgaria....
07 August 2014
Bluetongue Outbreak Reported in FYR Macedonia
MACEDONIA - An outbreak of bluetongue has been reported in sheep and goats....
16 July 2014
Blue Tongue in Bulgaria
BULGARIA - The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has reported an outbreak of blue tongue disease in Bulgaria....

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