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20 June 2016
Collaboration Key to Growing Market Returns for Wool, says NFU
UK - As the shearing season gets underway, the National Farmers Union (NFU) is showing its support for the work of the British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB)....
21 January 2016
Mohair Conference to Improve NZ Goat Businesses
NEW ZEALAND - Some of the world’s leading experts in Angora goats and mohair are arriving in New Zealand to share their knowledge and expertise with the country’s Angora goat farmers....
20 January 2016
New Videos Highlight Dangers of Dirty Livestock at Slaughter
UK - Producers are being reminded about the importance of ensuring livestock are clean when they are presented for slaughter in two videos produced by levy board AHDB Beef & Lamb....
07 October 2015
UK Wool Week in Full Swing
UK - Wool and sheep industry enthusiasts are banging the drum for wool products in all their various guises this week as the UK celebrates ‘Wool Week’....
29 September 2015
Texas Goat and Sheep Industries in Flux
US – Texan sheep and goat producers are working in a changing sector but one that remains vibrant, a new event learned on Friday....
28 September 2015
Wool Prices Slip Again
AUSTRALIA – Wool markets softened further last week after exhibiting some “signs of life”, according to Australia’s industry board....
21 September 2015
Wool Prices Weaken Under Cautionary Purchasing
AUSTRALIA – Turbulent markets continued the recent depression seen in the wool markets last week, resulting in a two per cent contraction. ...
15 September 2015
Volatility Continues in Australian Wool Market
AUSTRALIA – Gains made by Australian wool traders from strong uplift early last week were “practically eliminated” by the final day of selling....
08 September 2015
Australian Wool Markets Rebound
AUSTRALIA – Much stronger prices in the Australian wool markets this week have largely cancelled out last week’s downward movement, maintaining values around 23 per cent ahead year on year....
01 September 2015
China Economy Causes Wool Price Drop
AUSTRALIA – Australia’s biggest wool customer China has caused market turbulence this week, causing consecutive contractions in wool prices after devaluing its currency....
19 August 2015
Bloom Dipping Hammers Fleece Value
UK – Farmers wanting to maximise their wool cheque should avoid bloom dipped sheep, the British Wool Marketing Board has warned....
11 August 2015
Wool Carpets Better Than Human-made Fibres
NEW ZEALAND – Woollen carpets have several advantages over flooring made of man-made fibres, including health benefits, research has revealed....
07 July 2015
Australia Wool Prices Fall Further But Find Feet
AUSTRALIA – Merino fleeces lost 25 cents last week as the wool market continued to post “more orderly” losses....
02 July 2015
How Are Australian Wool Markets Moving?
AUSTRALIA – Australia’s wool markets have taken differing turns recently, with oversupply dampening record auction prices and forward markets seeing “very healthy levels” of sale....
29 June 2015
Wool Season Comes to Uncertain Close
AUSTRALIA – Wool auctions ended the fiscal and wool year under “a cloud of uncertainty” last week....
18 June 2015
Blowfly Strike a Concern in Warm, Humid Summer Months
GLOBAL - Whether you are in the southern or northern hemisphere, flystrike can affect flocks. European farmers contend with Lucilia sericata flies, while in Australia, South Africa and the US,...
16 June 2015
North and East Spain Free of Bluetongue Serotype One
SPAIN – Spanish livestock farms in northern and eastern Spain have been officially declared Bluetongue free, leaving an infected area to the south west....
15 June 2015
Chinese UK Wool Order Doubles in Price
UK – The value of 2014 British wool exports nearly reached £200 million, with China’s custom doubling on the 2013 figure, say UK government figures....
10 June 2015
Australian Wool Sales Still Roaring
AUSTRALIA – Wool prices set new record highs or extended new record levels in the Australian wool market last week....
01 June 2015
Variety of Indicators Show Positive Wool Picture
GLOBAL – Australian wool sales and Chinese acceptance of current market levels are reasons for the wool industry to be optimistic....
22 May 2015
Chance for Indiana to Tap into Sheep Funding Programme
US - Stakeholders in Indiana's sheep industry can apply for funding from a cash reserve drawn from the sale of all sheep within the state. ...
18 May 2015
Australia Wool Markets See Price Resistance
AUSTRALIA – Wool markets stuttered last week as price resistance came into play after a string of market gains....
14 May 2015
Wool Prices to Lift in 2015
UK – Sheep farms will receive similar prices for the 2015 clip to last year, with specific breeds and types seeing uplift....
11 May 2015
Wool Markets ‘Up to Whole New Level’
AUSTRALIA – Substantial gains across wool offerings were reported from markets last week, with the Merino sector excelling once more....
07 May 2015
Woollens Demand Switches from China to US
GLOBAL – Anti-corruption reforms have distanced China from textile markets as US interest grows in European fabric....
22 April 2015
Vigorous Buyers in Australian Wool Market
AUSTRALIA – Wool markets reopened after the Easter break last week with the most vigorous buying seen for “quite some time”, reports Australia Wool Innovation (AWI)....
14 April 2015
Reducing Lameness in Sheep
UK - Lameness remains a key problem on many sheep farms in the UK, despite the Farm Animal Welfare Council’s challenge to the industry to reduce the national incidence of lameness from 10 per...
13 April 2015
Wool Industry Hits Back at PETA Campaign
AUSTRALIA – Australia’s wool industry has slammed animal rights activists for a "misrepresentative" campaign against sheep shearing....
09 April 2015
US Lamb Should Differentiate From Other Red Meats
US – Trends for more natural meat rearing processes could be a shot in the arm for America’s lamb sector, according to a North Dakota State University agricultural economist....
07 April 2015
Australian Wool Market Targets US
AUSTRALIA – Wool consumption follows economic activity and Australian wool traders are keeping an eye on the US for its potential as the world’s second wool market....
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