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30 September 2016
Data Analysis Begins on RamCompare Breeding Project
UK - Early results from the RamCompare project are already very positive, says co-ordinator Bridget Lloyd....
31 August 2016
India Adds Three More Pig Breeds to Indigenous Breeds List
INDIA - India has added nine new germplasm of farm animals including a poultry variety to its list of indigenous breeds. Newly enlisted live-stocks include one breed of cattle, two breeds each...
29 July 2016
UK Lamb Exports to America Move Closer
UK - The mission to get British lamb chops back onto American dinner plates has moved a step nearer, Farming Minister George Eustice announced at the National Sheep Event on Wednesday....
27 May 2016
Texel Genomic Breeding Value Research to be Showcased at ScotSheep
UK - Sheep farmers attending next week's Scotsheep 2016 at Blythbank farm, West Linton, will be able to learn about the early results from ground breaking genomic research undertaken by the British...
10 March 2016
West Sussex Suffers UK's Worst Sheep-Worrying Incident in Living Memory
UK - More than one hundred sheep have died in the UK's worst sheep-worrying incident in living memory near Chichester in West Sussex....
16 December 2015
New Zealand Extends Sheep Breeding Project
NEW ZEALAND - Beef + Lamb New Zealand Genetics is increasing the breadth of testing for genetic potential in New Zealand sheep by adjusting the focus of its Central Progeny Test to increase relevance...
26 November 2015
Conserve Diverse Breeds to Adapt to Climate Change, FAO Urges
GLOBAL - In the run-up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21), FAO has released new guidelines to assist countries in better conserving and sustainably using genetic...
24 November 2015
Report Celebrates Improved Sheep Industry Genetics
UK - Genetic advances in the English sheep industry have been championed in a new report from AHDB Beef & Lamb....
27 October 2015
Major UK Sheep Project Looks for Key Ram Breeding Traits
UK - A Borders estate is taking part in a major new project which is set to assist the UK sheep industry to drive genetic improvement forward through the inclusion of commercial data in genetic...
25 September 2015
New Zealand Sheep Industry in Contraction
NEW ZEALAND – New Zealand’s sheep flock has shrunk to 28.6 million, a drop of 4.1 per cent on the previous year....
24 September 2015
Breeding Sheep: Starting With Your Ram
US - Changing sheep breeds has got Colorado grazier Andrew Schafer thinking about the subject of rams as autumn breeding kicks in. ...
10 September 2015
Preparing Your Flock: Vaccinations Before Breeding Season
GLOBAL - Several preparations should be made for breeding season, such as flushing ewes and conducting breeding soundness tests in rams, writes Elise Brown for TheSheepSite....
27 August 2015
India Breeds New High Lambing Percentage ‘Prolific Sheep’
INDIA – Indian farmers now have a breeding ewe that can produce 75 per cent more lambs, researchers say....
24 August 2015
Hampshire Down Makes Strong Genetic Gains
UK – Both better lamb performance and higher returns are achievable through harnessing Hampshire Down genetics....
19 August 2015
Ten Year Old British Texel Genetics Rank Third in Kiwi Test
NEW ZEALAND – A Texel ram from a UK sire exported to Australia as an embryo in 2004 has ranked third in an overall central progeny test by a New Zealand levy board....
16 July 2015
Livestock Adaptation: What Should You Choose?
US - Fitting livestock to environmental scenarios will remain key for ruminant production in the future, although more confined systems will probably expand, writes a US rancher....
15 July 2015
Aged Ram Wins at Great Yorkshire Show
UK - The championship title at this year’s Great Yorkshire Show stayed in the county as John Mellin and family, Skipton, claimed the top ticket with their aged ram, Langside Thunderbird under...
01 July 2015
Sharing Knowledge of Animal Nutrition Can Help Bridge Productivity Gap
NETHERLANDS - Gaining new insights into animal nutrition and sharing this knowledge with others can help to bridge the global food gap. ...
26 June 2015
Sheep Gene Study Traces Black Welsh Mountain Breed Back to Vikings
WALES – Studying the genetic history of native Welsh sheep breeds has unearthed details about their origins and the social history of ancient people....
23 June 2015
MEPs Extend Animal Cloning Ban to Feed, Food and Imports
EU - A draft law to ban the cloning of all farm animals, their descendants and products derived from them, including imports, in the EU was voted by the Environment and Agriculture committees...
28 May 2015
Sheep Insemination Success Reduces Import Dependence
MEXICO – Mexican sheep imports have fallen over 80 per cent, something the government is linking to a rise in artificial insemination and higher productivity. ...
20 May 2015
Livestock Animal Size Increased Since Roman Era
SPAIN - The size of livestock animals increased over time as production methods and landscapes changed, according to research from the University of the Basque Country....
08 May 2015
Rams Sought for RamCompare Programme
UK – The UK sheep industry is looking for eight rams to breed in a two year genetics programme to boost the industry’s stock....
06 May 2015
New Artificial Insemination Lab at Indian Research Centre
INDIA - A new artificial insemination laboratory has opened in Rajasthan to assist the Indian sheep industry in adopting modern techniques. ...
21 April 2015
Colombia Discusses Mexican Sheep, Goat Imports
MEXICO - The Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) has visited Mexico with a view to importing sheep and goats for the genetic improvement of Colombian livestock....
16 April 2015
Sheep Parchment Shows Breed History Over Last Millenium
UK - Archives of ancient parchment can improve our knowledge of sheep genetics, according to research presented at the British Society of Animal Science (BSAS) conference this week....
08 April 2015
Dunbia Joins Supply Chain Partners in Sheep Genetics Initiative
UK - Meat processor Dunbia has joined forces with key organisations across the UK sheep and lamb industries on a new sheep genetics programme, which aims to increase industry awareness of breeding...
07 April 2015
First Major Commercial Progeny Test for UK Sheep Industry
UK – Genetic evaluations will soon include male sire information after an industry partnership, expected to improve sheep genetics, kicks off in May....
17 March 2015
New-born Lambs: The Importance of Observation at Lambing
UK - Lambing requires close observation of new-borns, ensuring lambs have the right start they need, says a veterinary surgeon with the Food Animal Initiative....
04 March 2015
Sheep and Goat Model to Tighten Up Colombian Health, Productivity
COLOMBIA – Farm leaders are singling out the Caribbean coast in their implementation of sheep and goat husbandry management document, intended to drive sanitation and production in Colombia....
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