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12 October 2019
Scottland's Cattle Herd in Decline, Sheep Recovering in 2019
The number of cattle in Scotland has now hit a 60-year low, according to the June survey data released by the Scottish Government. ...
02 December 2016
Restaurant Guide Supports Quality Beef and Lamb
UK - A top restaurant guide featuring Quality Standard Mark (QSM) beef and lamb has been launched in London....
01 December 2016
American Restaurant Customers Concerned Over Meat Origins
US - American consumers are increasingly concerned about where their meat and poultry comes from and the methods used to produce it, according to a new report from market research company Packaged...
29 November 2016
Better Data Better Management to Improve Competitiveness
ANALYSIS - Agriculture is at the start of a digital revolution and to advance it will need to embrace and understand the increasing amount of data that is being collected and is available, writes...
25 November 2016
Trade, Labour Big Issues for Ag in Trump Presidency
US - The election of Republican candidate Donald Trump as the 45th President of the US could have long-term implications on labour and trade in the food and agriculture sector, according to a...
24 November 2016
Finland Creates Animal Protein Feed From Biogas
FINLAND - The Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) has developed a solution for converting even small sources of methane-rich biogas into raw materials for animal feed or bioplastic on...
23 November 2016
EU's Ag Markets Task Force Calls for New Rules on Unfair Trading Practices
EU - The Agricultural Markets Task Force (AMTF) has presented recommendations on how to improve the positions of farmers in the food supply chain to the EU's Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan....
21 November 2016
Study Highlights Vulnerable Ag Sectors in EU Trade Deals
EU - The European Commission has presented a study to EU agriculture ministers this week on the impacts of 12 future trade agreements on the agri-food sector, highlighting sensitive products...
17 November 2016
Canadian Groups Join to Form New National Sheep Network
CANADA – Sheep farmers in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec have formed a new partnership to continue to move the sheep industry in Canada forward....
16 November 2016
US Lamb Exports Edge Higher in Mexico
US - September was another solid month for US red meat exports, with pork, beef and lamb totals well above year-ago levels, according to statistics released by USDA and compiled by the US Meat...
15 November 2016
Global Food Prices Rose in October
GLOBAL - The global Food Price Index from the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) averaged 172.6 points in October, up 0.7 per cent for the month and 9.1 per cent from a year earlier,...
10 November 2016
Sheep Association Pushes for Rapid Action on Rural Payments
UK - The problem of late delivery of the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and farmer statements has still not been resolved, with the National Sheep Association (NSA) hearing of many cases relating...
08 November 2016
Versatility of Lamb Demonstrated at Muslim Lifestyle Expo
UK - Home-grown lamb production and the value it adds to the Halal market has been showcased at a major event in Manchester....
07 November 2016
Fall in UK Farm Incomes Continues
UK - New Defra figures have shown a dramatic fall in farm incomes for the third consecutive year....
02 November 2016
EU's Agri-Food Exports Up in August
EU - The latest data show the monthly value of EU agri-food exports in August 2016 reached €10.6 billion, exceeding the export values in August of previous years....
01 November 2016
Sales Static for Meat and Poultry, but Fish Thriving
UK - The latest Meat, Fish and Poultry (MFP) figures from market research company Kantar Worldpanel for the 12 weeks ending 9th October 2016 show sales volumes virtually static year-on-year in...
27 October 2016
Collaborative Approach to Reduce Food Waste from Farm to Consumer
UK - There needs to be greater collaboration between farmers, retailers and processors to reduce food waste along the supply chain, writes Chris Harris....
25 October 2016
EU Report Shows Importance of Sheep in Brexit Negotiations
EU - Having participated in a series of four sheep meat reflection group meetings in Brussels over the last 12 months, the National Sheep Association (NSA) welcomes the resulting report and recognises...
18 October 2016
More Welsh Lamb Stocked in Aldi
WALES, UK - NFU Cymru has welcomed the announcement by Aldi that it is to stock protected geographical indication (PGI) Welsh Lamb in 29 of its south and west Wales stores....
17 October 2016
Livestock Donations Work to Reduce Poverty, Improve Diets
US - Two papers co-written by a pair of University of Illinois experts in agricultural policy and international development point to the wealth of positive effects that direct livestock-transfer...
12 October 2016
Global Food Prices Rise but Meat Prices Unchanged
GLOBAL - Lower prices for staple grains were more than offset by rising sugar and dairy prices in this month's Food Price Index from the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)....
11 October 2016
Mini Lamb Roast Dinner Campaign Running for Third Year
UK - Britons tucked into more roast dinners last year – but fewer of them were on a Sunday, according to analysis from the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) and Kantar Worldpanel....
10 October 2016
Small Farms Need Decent Incomes to Help Eliminate Hunger
GLOBAL - Declining prices could thwart international efforts to eradicate hunger and extreme poverty unless steps are taken to guarantee decent incomes and livelihoods for small-scale producers,...
07 October 2016
Livestock Farmers Expect Good Long-Term Business Prospects
US - Farmer sentiment toward the agricultural economy improved slightly in September, according to the latest reading of the Purdue/CME Group Ag Economy Barometer....
05 October 2016
Retailer M&S to Extend UK Lamb Sourcing by Six Weeks
WALES, UK - Marks and Spencer’s announcement that they will be extending their UK sourcing of lamb by a further six weeks in 2017 has been welcomed by NFU Cymru....
03 October 2016
Germany Reports Further Drop in Animal Antibiotic Use
GERMANY - Germany has once again reduced the amount of antibiotics used in animal agriculture, according to the latest government data....
30 September 2016
Data Analysis Begins on RamCompare Breeding Project
UK - Early results from the RamCompare project are already very positive, says co-ordinator Bridget Lloyd....
29 September 2016
Australian Mutton Export Earning Set to Fall, but Wool Expected to Rise
AUSTRALIA - The gross value of Australian farm production is forecast to increase to $58.4 billion in 2016-17, according to the latest analysis released in the Agricultural Commodities report...
27 September 2016
Migrant Labour Shortage Post-Brexit Could Mean Structural Change for Farming
UK - The potential reduction in migrant labour post-Brexit may catalyse structural change in the agricultural and horticultural sectors, according to the Agriculture and Horticulture Development...
21 September 2016
UK Government Sets Targets for Reducing Antibiotic Use in Farming
UK - The UK's government has pledged to continue the fight against antimicrobial resistance to drugs, by working together with other countries to create a global strategy to tackle the problem...
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