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09 September 2016
Man Arrested After Sheep Worrying in Herefordshire
UK - West Mercia Police were called to reports of sheep worrying at a farm in Risbury, Leominster on Friday, 2 September 2016....
17 August 2016
Ear Tag Measuring Vital Signs Aims to Improve Livestock Productivity
MEXICO - A young Mexican graduate has developed an ear tag for livestock that measures the vital signs of the animal to identify early stages of disease....
08 July 2016
Sheep Association Rejects Invitation to Design Lynx Release Trial
UK - The National Sheep Association (NSA) wrote to the Lynx UK Trust recently rejecting an invitation to join its Project Advisory Group, which has been tasked with designing the pilot project...
11 May 2016
Sheep Stolen Leaving Orphaned Lambs
UK - Police are appealing for information after they received a report on 30 April that two ewes had been killed in a field near Ansley, Warwickshire, the latest in a string of rural crimes targeting...
07 April 2016
Sheep Lameness Video Series Launched
UK - Expert advice on all aspects of sheep lameness is now available at the touch of a button thanks to a new video series from AHDB Beef & Lamb....
08 February 2016
Joint Plea for Dog Owners to Act Responsibly Around Sheep
UK - With the traditional lambing season approaching and reports of dog attacks on sheep increasing, the National Sheep Association (NSA) and RSPCA have teamed up to urge dog owners to take extra...
27 January 2016
Sheep Trapped on Snowdonia Ledge Rescued in Blizzard
WALES, UK - A sheep trapped on a ledge on the side of Tryfan Mountain in the Ogwen Valley of Snowdonia has been rescued by the RSPCA....
20 October 2015
Could Satellites Change Systems for Farming and Aquaculture?
ANALYSIS - Developments in satellite, space and tracking technology are starting to have repercussions far beyond field mapping for crops and GPS guidance systems for farm machinery....
13 October 2015
Away Wintering Best Option for Scottish Sheep Farmers
SCOTLAND, UK - In light of the new Scottish Upland Sheep Support (SUSS) Scheme SAC Consulting is advising farmers and crofters to consider away wintering their hoggs if possible....
23 September 2015
Fallen Stock Insights Guide Vaccination Advice
UK – Lambs falling to pulpy kidney last year could have been saved if vaccination boosters had been given, results of a fallen stock survey suggest....
22 September 2015
Monitoring Wellbeing of Animals through Precision Livestock Farming
ANALYSIS - The growth in size of livestock and poultry farms is demanding more dynamic methods to ensure the health, welfare and performance of the individual animals concerned....
18 September 2015
US Sheep Farmers Hit Back in Bighorn Grazing Debate
US – A feud between US sheep farmers and land managers is raging over the threat domestic sheep pose to a natural hill breed....
16 September 2015
Monitoring Wellbeing of Animals through Precision Livestock Farming
ANALYSIS - The growth in size of livestock and poultry farms is demanding more dynamic methods to ensure the health, welfare and performance of the individual animals concerned....
14 September 2015
Targeted Technology to Solve Agricultural Challenges
ANALYSIS - Agriculture and livestock farming needs to target better what it is putting into production in order to achieve improved yields....
04 September 2015
Scotland at Very High Liver Fluke Risk
UK - Wet and mild weather means Scottish livestock farmers are at the greatest risk from liver fluke in the UK....
01 September 2015
Surveillance Farms to Help in Liver Fluke Battle
UK – There could be more scope for surveillance farms monitoring sheep for liver fluke outbreaks to raise alarm bells to neighbouring farms, a panel of experts has suggested....
28 August 2015
Wormer Videos to Address Anthelmintics “Misuse”
UK – Important messages are being laid out in videos aimed at sheep and cattle farmers on the thorny issue of drench/wormer resistance. ...
03 August 2015
Wormer Survey Needs Your Input
UK - An online survey from a leading animal health research centre is striving to establish how livestock owners are buying and using anthelmintic wormer products....
23 July 2015
EU Sees Rise in Sheep and Goat Numbers
EU - Good prices and favourable forage conditions are helping an increase in flock numbers and are seeing an increase in production in the EU sheep sector....
03 July 2015
Warm Weather Brings Major Parasite Pressure
UK – Graziers are being told to expect a heavy parasite challenge over the coming weeks brought on by warm and wet weather conditions....
18 June 2015
Blowfly Strike a Concern in Warm, Humid Summer Months
GLOBAL - Whether you are in the southern or northern hemisphere, flystrike can affect flocks. European farmers contend with Lucilia sericata flies, while in Australia, South Africa and the US,...
11 June 2015
Kerala to Produce Goat Plague Vaccine
INDIA - Kerala state will commence production of its own Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) vaccine to protect the state's two million sheep and goats....
20 May 2015
UK Must Cooperate With Europe on Bluetongue Surveillance
UK, WALES - Strong links to European surveillance are central to government efforts in minimising the impact of Bluetongue, sheep farmers heard yesterday....
14 April 2015
Reducing Lameness in Sheep
UK - Lameness remains a key problem on many sheep farms in the UK, despite the Farm Animal Welfare Council’s challenge to the industry to reduce the national incidence of lameness from 10 per...
13 April 2015
Colombian Sheep Production Policy Released to Public
COLOMBIA - The Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) has released a draft resolution on strengthening the sheep and goat production industry, for consultation with the public....
20 March 2015
Rain Slows Australian Goat Production in January
AUSTRALIA - Australian goat slaughter during January declined 18 per cent on year-ago levels, with 137,936 head processed (Australian Bureau of Statistics)....
19 March 2015
Lamb Throughput at Ballarat Fell 11 per cent
AUSTRALIA - Lamb throughput at Ballarat fell 11 per cent week-on-week, to 23,353 head, and quality over the trade and heavy weight categories was good, although fewer heavy weight lambs were...
18 March 2015
Moderate Increases in Some Scottish Livestock Production
SCOTLAND, UK - The results of the latest December Agricultural Survey show that livestock numbers have generally increased since last year, though poultry numbers fell sharply....
11 March 2015
Strengthening the Direct Link Between Small-Scale Farmers and Public Institutions
AFRICA - An innovative partnership spanning five African countries is providing important lessons on how governments can procure food for public institutions, such as schools, directly from small-scale...
25 February 2015
Lack of Workers Impacts Livestock Sector Profitability
CANADA - The Canadian Meat Council warns the inability of Canadian meat processing plants to access workers jeopardizes the viability of the plants, the profitability of livestock producers,...
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