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12 April 2016
New Report Details Consequences of any Lynx Release in UK
UK - An industry roundtable discussion in London today (Friday 8th April) marked the release of a new report by the National Sheep Association (NSA) on 'The wider consequences of the introduction...
23 September 2015
French Bluetongue Could "Blow Up" Significantly
FRANCE - The latest Bluetongue (BTV) outbreak in central France has the potential to engulf Europe again, a leading expert has told TheSheepSite....
26 March 2015
National Sheep Association Against Lynx Re-Wilding
UK - The National Sheep Association (NSA) has announced its opposition to plans for the re-introduction of lynx to the UK....
02 March 2015
Industry Calls For Active Tenants to get Environmental Payments
UK – Environmental stewardship schemes should pay active farmers, not simply landowners, for assisting with producing environmental benefits on farmland, says the UK sheep industry....
02 December 2014
Vets Welcome New Biosecurity Bills
AUSTRALIA - The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) has welcomed bills introduced into Parliament yesterday (1 December) which are set to strengthen disease control measures to better manage...
14 October 2014
Wild Dog Control Leaves Farmers $19,000 Better Off
AUSTRALIA – Wild dogs are being controlled through community projects across southern Australia, saving money for many producers....
01 August 2014
Is Red Meat Production Environmentally Sensitive?
ANALYSIS - Upland sheep farmers in the UK need to take the lead and work closely with environmental groups and authorities to ensure the maintenance of biodiversity and the ecology of the landscape....
31 July 2014
Some Progress on Climate Change Impacts Made by UK Agriculture
UK - Improvements made in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the UK in terms of soil nitrogen balance and artificial fertiliser use over the last decade are shown in a new report from Defra. ...

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