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Lamb Throughput at Ballarat Fell 11 per cent

19 March 2015
Meat & Livestock Australia

AUSTRALIA - Lamb throughput at Ballarat fell 11 per cent week-on-week, to 23,353 head, and quality over the trade and heavy weight categories was good, although fewer heavy weight lambs were penned.

Restocker and feeder buyers were active. Light weight 2 score lambs fell 27¢ on 512¢, while 3 score trade weight lines were back 37¢ on 497¢/kg cwt. Heavy weight 4 score lambs declined 7¢ on 515¢, while extra heavy 4 score lambs slipped 7¢ and averaged 502¢/kg cwt.

Sheep consignments were 49 per cent lower, at 6,973 head, and quality declined across the ewe yarding. Restockers were active on suitable wethers. Light weight 2 score Merino ewes were down 8¢ and averaged 318¢/kg cwt.

At SA Livestock Exchange, lamb supply lifted 7 per cent on last week, to 10,782 head, and included a good quality offering of crossbred lambs, along with increased numbers of Merinos. Feeder and restocker buyers bid cautiously on light weight lines.

Light weight 2 score Merino lambs were 58¢ dearer on 433¢, while 4 score trade weight lines increased 37¢ and averaged 526¢/kg cwt. Heavy weight 4 score lambs gained 3¢ on 501¢, while extra heavy 4 score lambs were up 8¢ on 487¢/kg cwt.

Sheep numbers were 28 per cent higher, at 2,737 head, and sold to easing processor demand. Wethers were limited. Heavy weight 3 score Merino ewes were up 19¢ and averaged 306¢/kg cwt.

At the close of Tuesday’s markets, the eastern states restocker lamb indicator declined 20¢ on 490¢/kg cwt. Merino lambs were back 9¢ on 424¢, while light lambs fell 9¢ on 469¢/kg cwt. Trade lambs lost 12¢ on 498¢, while heavy weight lambs slipped 6¢ on 500¢/kg cwt. The mutton indicator finished 15¢ lower on 320¢/kg cwt.

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