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UK Shepherding Talent Succeeds in French Competition

06 October 2014

FRANCE – Talent within UK shepherding is strong, according to the organiser of a national shepherd competition reacting to English and Northern Irish success in a world event.

Last week, the World Young Shepherd Challenge in Auvergne, France, concluded with English shepherd Sam Bullingham being crowned champion, with fellow Brits in second, fourth, fifth and eighth place.

Winner Sam Bellingham (left) with Richard Carter who finished fifth, securing England's top place on the leaderboard.

The second World Challenge, and second victory for England, was hosted by Brioude Bonnefont Agricultural College and the Sommet de l’Elevage Show.

“The UK competitors at the World Young Shepherds Challenge have done brilliantly,” said Helen Davies, National Sheep Association (NSA) Young Shepherd of the Year organiser.

“The number and quality of young people getting involved in the sheep sector reflects the great opportunities sheep farming offers. NSA is delighted to run the NSA Young Shepherd of the Year Competition and provide the chance for young people to test their skills against others from around the country and around the world.

“Our thanks also go to Rappa, Eblex and the NSA regional committees for providing the finances for our competitors to travel to France.”

One highlight was meeting shepherds from different countries and talking about farming, said winner Sam Bullingham.

He said: “The Young Shepherds World Challenge has been a great experience. I think meeting the other competitors from around the world is the biggest thing I’ll take away from it.

“It’s not really an opportunity you get in any other situation – one minute you’ll be talking to a Hungarian about his grazing plan, the next you’ll be comparing notes with an American.”


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