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Narromine Yardings Spring into Action

17 September 2014
Meat & Livestock Australia

AUSTRALIA - The first sale of spring at Narromine store sale saw 16,725 head yarded, around 2,000 head more than the corresponding sale last year.

Meat and Livestock Australia said it was reportedly a very good quality yarding, with large numbers of top quality first cross ewes along with a fair supply of young Merino ewes.

There were no old Merino ewes yarded, only the one pen of wethers and two small lines of Merino mixed sexes. Buyer attendance was good, with many attending from Tamworth, Nevertire, Gilgandra, Crookwell, Blayney, Cowra, Orange, Forbes, Bathurst, Kilmore, Albury, Gundagai, Wagga and local districts.

The first cross ewes sold to very strong competition.

The best were a July 2013 drop and July shorn, to top the market at A$220/head, followed by a September 2013 drop and July shorn pen, which sold for A$203, while two other pens sold for A$200/head.

The balance of the good quality one year old first cross ewes sold from A$150 to A$190/head, while plainer quality one year olds sold from A$130 to A$148/head. Two pens of 2014 drop ewe lambs sold for A$165 and A$123/head.

Merino ewes sold to restricted competition and were much cheaper than all expectations. Good numbers of top quality one year old Merino ewes sold from A$92 to A$142/head. Plainer quality young Merino ewes sold from A$58 to A$82/head, while a single pen of three and four year olds, January shorn and de-pastured sold for A$102/head. A pen of mixed age ewes, autumn shorn and non-station-mated (NSM) sold for A$100/head, while two other pens of mixed age ewes joined to the Merinos sold for A$62 and A$64/head.

A line of mixed sex Merino lambs which were in forward condition and unshorn sold for A$89/head. A small pen of wethers which were June/July 2013 drop and April shorn sold for A$67/head.

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