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Help Needed For Brazilian Sheep Region to Fulfil Potential

18 August 2014

BRAZIL – Sheep producers must receive specialist guidance if the agricultural potential of the coastal tablelands area of eastern Brazil is to be exploited.

This is according to researchers at the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) ahead of a technical course in flock management and animal health to be held this week.

Training will be given on three core disciplines; reproduction, hygiene and nutrition.

Sheep specialists and producers consider sheep farming to be the main opportunity for agriculture in the region around Petrolina.

EMBRAPA sees sheep farming as adaptable to the 92 million semi-arid acres in the north east of the region and has underlined its valuable socio-economic impact to the area.

Emphasising the need for better skills onfarm, EMBRAPA said: "From a socioeconomic perspective, the main negative factor is the low level of managerial skills of the producer, with little organization and lack of technical information.

"The availability of technologies designed to ensure greater efficiency in the production process without damage to the environment is important."

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