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Three-Legged Sheep's Ulcer Healed with Product from Human Medicine

01 July 2016

UK - A three-legged sheep named Eustace was cured from a decubitus ulcer after his owner, a veterinary nurse, had the innovative idea to use a type of pad developed in human medicine.

Eustace had one leg amputated after joint damage from an infection, and later developed a graze on his sternum, which turned into the decubitus ulcer.

He was only cured months later after his nurse spent many hours washing and dressing the wound, and incorporating a Treat Eazi pad into his jacket (above), which also had to be frequently adjusted.

"Thanks to the Treat Eezi pad which he started to wear in at the beginning of April, we have finally got on top of it," said his nurse Samantha.

The Treat Eezi pad came from company Dan Medica South, which had already had success with treating Stages 3 & 4 open wounds on human patients using the same technology.

"We think the Treat Eezi pad can be used in so many different ways with respect to animal welfare, as both a preventative and a treatment tool, certainly in reducing abscesses," said Dan Medica South spokesperson Lynne Timm.

The Treat Eezi pad is now available in a number of sizes adapted to small and large animal applications.

Eustace's ulcer before and after treatment

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