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Sheep Stolen Leaving Orphaned Lambs

11 May 2016

UK - Police are appealing for information after they received a report on 30 April that two ewes had been killed in a field near Ansley, Warwickshire, the latest in a string of rural crimes targeting sheep across the country.

When a farmer checked his flock of sheep on the morning of Saturday 30 April, he found two piles of entrails and two-week old lambs bleating for their mothers.

It is believed the suspects slaughtered the two sheep in the field during the night and took out their organs to make the bodies easier to carry.

The lambs are being cared for by the farmer and are doing well, they also had an extra visitor this week from Carol Cotterill, Rural Crime Coordinator for north Warwickshire who, with police, responded to the initial call. Carol and police have been supporting the farmer and raising awareness in the local area.

Police have also responded to recent reports of chickens being taken in the Coleshill, Bentley and Nether Whitacre areas.

Inspector David Williams said "Everything is being done to apprehend the offenders, including increasing patrols in our rural areas.

"If anyone sees a vehicle or people acting suspiciously on their land, near livestock or if they live near fields and they notice something of concern please call 101 or 999 if they suspect a crime is in progress."

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