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Access to EU Markets "Vital for UK Lamb Exports"

07 March 2016

WALES, UK - The Farmer's Union of Wales (FUW) has said that the EU is essential for recognising the quality of Welsh lamb, ahead of a referendum on the UK's membership of the EU in June.

The organisation said that the market for Welsh meat in the WU is worth close to £200 million a year with a significant proportion of that being for lamb, meaning there is a fast growing market for Welsh lamb as a niche premium product.

“There’s no doubt that its Protected Geographical Indication Status, which guarantees a genuinely authentic product is highly important,” said Alan Davies of the Farmer’s Union of Wales.

“But we’ve known for years that the combination of our brilliant farmers, along with some of the lushest grass in the world and a plentiful supply of rain, all combine to produce a great product.

“We heard only recently from Hybu Cig Cymru/Meat Promotion Wales that Welsh Lamb is gaining ground in Germany where is it marketed as a niche, premium product, and rightly so. It is a wonderful product, taking the German market by storm.”

Access to EU markets, especially with regards to lamb exports, is vitally important for Welsh agriculture. Officials figures showed that in 2014, approximately 35 per cent of sheep meat produced in Wales was exported to the European Union.

“We need to be able to guarantee access to this market freely and that is only possible if we remain in the EU.

"Yes the EU is not perfect, we know that. But being part of it brings with it so many positive benefits that ensure a prosperous and economically viable rural Wales. We must not jeopardise that position,” Mr Davies said.


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