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Spain Singled Out in Lamb Promotion Bid

31 July 2014

SPAIN – Efforts to drive lamb consumption across the European Union (EU) will start in seven western member states, singling out Spain, a meeting in Paris has concluded.

A cross section of French and Spanish red meat organisations convened in Paris this week to halt the decline in lamb consumption, deciding the Spanish market was to be given specific promotion prescriptions.

A total of six countries; France, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and the UK have been highlighted due to being retail dominated markets where ‘heavier lamb’ is consumed, Agroinformacion reports.

Contrastingly, Spain, with its lighter and smaller lamb characteristics will run a separate campaign to take place domestically and across Portugal, Italy and Southern France.

The downwards trend in consumption has been noted since 2006, according to interprofessional organisations INTERBEV (France) and INTEROVIC (Spain) who discussed promotional actions to boost lamb.

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