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Scabies Mite Discovered for First Time on Norwegian Llama

02 December 2015

NORWAY - The Norwegian Veterinary Institute has, for the first time, found the scabies mite Psoroptes ovis on llama.

Earlier in 2015 the mite was identified in three herds of alpaca.

The mite causes sheep scab, a highly contagious disease in sheep with great significance for the economy and welfare.

No outward signs of infection

The positive sample was found in the ears of a llama who was sent to the Institute for an autopsy.

The llama, who was from an animal park, had been ill for a period and was sent to NMBU Veterinary School where it was killed.

At autopsy samples were taken from the ears and Psoroptes ovis was detected in both. There were no clinical signs of scabies mites infection.

It is not known to what extent Psoroptes ovis with llama and alpaca can be transmitted to sheep or other livestock.

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