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UK Wool Week in Full Swing

07 October 2015

UK - Wool and sheep industry enthusiasts are banging the drum for wool products in all their various guises this week as the UK celebrates ‘Wool Week’.

The promotional week is making its way across the globe, playing out in various countries, starting in South Africa in April and in the UK from 5 to 9 October.

It is the UK’s turn to promote wool in all its various guises, with a Savile Row exhibition taking headlines so far as wool week enters its third day.

“During past Wool Week's Savile Row, London's most famous men's tailoring street, has been turned into a green pasture for grazing sheep,” said the National Awareness Days website.

“Retailers have promised windows for companies like Jigsaw and Debenhams, and online auctions of designer woolly items have taken place to launch the event.”

Fund raising efforts include ‘Woolly Hat Day’, to take place on Friday, in aid of the Mission to Seafarers, to provide care for seafarers around the world. New hat designs from a range of companies are to be available on the website

A special exhibition exploring wool as used for interior designs is being held from 6 to 9 October at 4 Clifford Street, London.

Australia was the second nation to celebrate Wool Week in May, followed by neighbours New Zealand, Italy, France and Canada and the Shetland Islands last month.

Wool Week moves to the Netherlands next month and then goes to China, before concluding in Japan, week 3-10 November.

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