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Texas Goat and Sheep Industries in Flux

29 September 2015

US – Texan sheep and goat producers are working in a changing sector but one that remains vibrant, a new event learned on Friday.

Both hair producing and wool producing sheep are important to the industry as a whole, said Marvin Ensor of Texas A&M University at its inaugural Texas Sheep and Goat Expo at the San Angelo Fairgrounds.

He said two major recent trends had been the major growth in hair sheep and considerable decline in traditional wool sheep.

“There’s some change there in numbers and the number of people involved in each of those two segments of the industry,” said Mr Ensor.

“The wool sheep are still significant in numbers though they are produced mainly by the larger operations that generally run a large number of wool sheep.

“We still have a viable wool industry that’s still active, but the change is that there has been a decline there and an increase in the hair sheep numbers.

“With land fragmentation and smaller tracts, there’s a lot of people that appreciate the hair sheep for what they can provide in that type of situation. That’s also a major change.”


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