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Alpacas Test Positive for Bovine TB in Norway

28 August 2015

NORWAY - Two alpacas imported from Canada into Norway have tested positive for bovine tuberculosis (bTB).

Antibodies against bovine tuberculosis were found in two alpacas, which are currently in solitary confinement on a farm in Hedmark. The two positive animals were imported from Canada along with 19 other alpacas in summer.

Camelids imported to Norway are tested for a number of animal diseases of which Norway is free, and the animals are kept isolated from other animals for half a year while testing is in progress.

Blood samples from the alpacas must be positive in two different serological methods performed by the Animal and Plant Health Agency as well as other tests before there is a strong suspicion of bovine tuberculosis.

Bovine tuberculosis is prevalent in many parts of the world, but as a result of testing cattle, it has been possible to limit the spread.

The disease can infect a variety of animal species and the authorities are therefore acting to prevent the introduction of this disease in Norway. The last time bovine tuberculosis was detected in Norway was in 1986.

The alpacas will be subjected to further tests before decisions are taken on what to do with the animals.

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