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Bloom Dipping Hammers Fleece Value

19 August 2015

UK – Farmers wanting to maximise their wool cheque should avoid bloom dipped sheep, the British Wool Marketing Board has warned.

Tinted wool could be worth 75 per cent less than that of wool from non-bloom dipped sheep, a “significant difference” of £2.30 per sheep.

According to BWMB 2015 prices, tinted wool averages 75 pence per fleece, compared to £3.05 for a natural fleece.

This is the message of BWMB chief operating officer, Mark Powell, who has urged wool to be well presented on farm to help boost the value of the clip to farmers, noting the recent increases in wool prices.

He said: “There is a long-standing tradition of bloom dipping sheep to make them more attractive to buyers at auction marts.

“But the buyers are risking losing out on a significant amount of money by buying these bloom dipped sheep as the wool will be worth a lower value once it’s been bloom dipped.”

Gareth Jones, producer communications manager at the BMWB, suggested businesses wary of wool values take time to seek out better-woolled sheep when buying replacement stock, with the added value of them being better suited to coping with harsh weather.

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