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Goat Farms Catching on in Tamil Nadu State

25 July 2014

INDIA - With demand for meat rising in the state of Tamil Nadu, many are moving towards goat farming that has shown good growth for the past few years.

At the 14th edition of Agri Intex 2014 held in Coimbatore from July 18 to July 21, 2014, 5M Publishing spoke to few goat farm owners about the opportunity and challenges phased by them in goat farming.

“If done properly, goat farming is good for farmers in the state, as it is free from any taxes.

"Government too supports it, as it does not require any permission to set up a goat farm,” Arun Kumar, Owner of Vinayakkar goat Farm said.

“However, we need capital to set up new goat farm, which is very difficult to get from banks that refused as many farmers don’t have any collateral to keep with the banks,” Kumar added.

Government needs to provide us with easy loans and information on pure breeds, Kumar said.
Finding pure breeds and managing their stock is another challenge that has cropped when I had started my goat farm.

Arun’s six year old farm, breeds Thalassery goats, a native breed and also Boer, an African bread at its farm located in Kanjikoil, Erode district in Coimbatore.

His farm currently has 100 mother stocks and sells around 700 goats every year.

Another goat owner, Arun Athithyan of seven year old South India goat Farm also based in Erode district said that due to no interference from the government goat farming is booming in the state.

“We breed only Boer, an African bred from originating from Kalahari goat breed parents and Sojat goats originate from Rajasthan in India, a cross breed from the Jamnapari goat,” Athithyan said.

Boer goats (pictured) are the best seller for us, as it goes for $17 per kg, as compared to $6 per kg for local goat bred.

“If goat kid’s management is done properly, Boer goats can attain 45 kg in just 6 months” Arun stressed.

Speaking on the event, Athithyan said the events like these help us to know what farmers want and I have received many interests in guidance in setting up goat farms.
Kumar said, if you have a right skill, one can set up a goat farm at around $9000, that does not includes land cost.


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