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Abattoir Data Initiative to Save Australian Sheep Farms Millions

03 July 2015

AUSTRALIA – Two new industry initiatives are expected to provide “valuable feedback” to producers to assist them make informed animal health and market specification decisions.

Meat and Livestock Australia’s Livestock Data Link (LDL) programme will work in conjunction with the Livestock Production Conditions (LPC) to report back useful information back to farms.

This is according to the Sheep Meat Council of Australia, which, commenting on the LDL, said it had the potential to save farms millions of dollars each year through out of specification meat and offal.

Through use of slaughter data via the National Livestock Identification System and Meat Standards Australia databased, analysis and benchmarked reports will be available for farmers.

Farmers will be given reasons why sheep did not meet specification and the cost failing requirements.

The Sheep Meat Council said: “The LDL system will be rolled out across different supply chains over the next 18 months, starting with JBS Australia suppliers in the Farm Assured programme."

“The new system has the potential to transform the way producers can use carcase feedback from their abattoir after being commercially adopted by Australia’s biggest meat processor JBS Australia.”

The LPC focuses specifically on foregone production due to condemnations from ill-health by encompassing Ovine Johne’s Disease testing and the National Sheep Health Monitoring Programme. This includes liver fluke, sheep measles, caseous lymphadenitis and hyatids.

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