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Cull Ewe Price Immune to Exchange Rate

15 June 2015

UK – Strong domestic demand for cull ewes from ethnic and catering segments has safeguarded prices amid turmoil for lamb values, says a sheep industry leader.

Cull ewes are not exported or imported, meaning prices have “remained good” on the back of domestic, not global, factors, National Sheep Association chief executive, Phil Stocker, said last week.

He said this teaches the sheep industry about how global the lamb market has become and urged farmers to explore any financial changes that could be made to the business.

“Discussions with a consultant, bank manager or accountant could result in significant savings,” said Mr Stocker. “For example, the recent budget announcement allowing farmers to be assessed for tax over a five-year period could have significant cash flow benefits.”

Mr Stocker noted the NSA’s criticism of UK supermarkets by “risking their long-term domestic supply base by making short-term price-based decisions to buy imported lamb when UK product is heading toward peak supply.”

He added: “NSA remains committed to the principle that the marketplace must pay for premium UK lamb, but I do advise farmers to also look beyond that and see what can be done differently in their businesses to ensure a long-term future, while managing the constant volatility.”

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