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First Indian Goat Pox Vaccine Released

05 May 2015

INDIA - Hester Biosciences Limited has recently launched its Goat Pox vaccine and PPR (Peste Des Petits Ruminants) vaccine.

It is the first company in India to commercially manufacture the Goat Pox vaccine. This vaccine is to be given annually to goats.

As per an estimate, total targeted population of goats for Goat Pox vaccine in the world is 970 million, with 50 per cent of that population being in Asia. In India, the targeted population is 140 million.

The world market for Goat Pox vaccine is slated to be for $80 million annually, of which the Indian market is slated to be $11 million annually.

There is a good demand for this product in Asia and Southern African countries. The company has also launched PPR (Peste Des Petits Ruminants) vaccine which is to be given annually to sheep and goats.

The PPR vaccine is part of the National Disease eradication program of the India government. Causing dysentry and fatalities, it is therefore a disease of high economic importance worldwide.

In India, the targeted population is 200 million. The susceptible animal population for PPR is 212 million.

There is a high demand of the vaccine in Asia and Southern Africa and a world market for PPR vaccine calculated around $48 million annually, with the Indian market is thought to be $6.4 million annually.

With the launch of these vaccines also being a leading poultry vaccine manufacturer in India, Hester has positioned itself as an important player in animal health care industry in India as well as globally.

The company has also forayed into poultry health products and large animal health products and manufactures Brucella Abortus S-19 and Theileria – vaccines for large animals.

The expected turnover from the Large Animal Health division of Hester, for the Indian market, in the first 12 months would be $2 million and is expected to grow at over 20 per cent on a year to year basis. For the financial year, 2013-14, the company reported net profit of $1.56 million (Rs 10.09 crore) on revenue of $10.89 million (Rs 69.05 crore).

Speaking on the revenue sales, Rajiv Gandhi, Chief Executive and Officer and Managing Director, Hester Biosciences said, going forward, he expects to breaks $32 million (Rs 200-crore) turnover by fiscal year 2016-17. Last month, the company got listed to National Stock Exchange (NSE).

In 2012, Hester acquired New Delhi-based Innoves Animal Health Pvt Ltd, a marketing company engaged in large animal health products sales for the dairy industry for an undisclosed amount and since then has been using its distribution network to sell its portfolio of goat and PPR vaccines across the country.

Founded in 1987, the firm also offers diagnostic kits, Hester Biosciences Ltd (formerly Hester Pharmaceuticals Ltd) was a poultry vaccines manufacturing company which offers live and killed vaccines such as newcastle disease vaccine, bronchitis vaccine, infectious bursal disease vaccine and bronchitis vaccine.

Jagdish Kumar, Editor

Jagdish Kumar, Editor

Top image via Shutterstock