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Peste des Petits Ruminants Conference Success

21 April 2015

COTE D'IVOIRE - Officials from the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) met with the President of Côte d’Ivoire following the conference on Peste de Petits Ruminants (PRR) in the country.

The disease, also known as sheep and goat plague, can kill as many as 90 per cent of the animals it infects within days, and after a rapid expansion over the past 15 years is now present in around 70 countries.

The outcome of the conference was a pledge by 15 countries to wipe out the disease by 2030.

That is half the time it took to eliminate the only animal disease to be eradicated so far, rinderpest, according to the FAO. The plan developed by FAO and OIE will cost an estimated $4-7 billion over a 15-year period.

Dr Bernard Vallat, Director General of OIE, was received by President Alassane Ouattara at the Presidential Palace. 

The meeting with the President of the Republic provided Dr Vallat with an opportunity to reiterate the OIE’s commitment to guiding and supporting Côte d’Ivoire in the development and enhancement of its activities and its veterinary public health and animal health protection systems, for both terrestrial and aquatic animals.

Côte d’Ivoire, which hosted the event, is the country where the disease was first diagnosed in 1941, as well as being an OIE Member Country that has participated in the Organisation’s activities since it was established.

"With more than 300 participants from every continent, this event, hosted by Côte d’Ivoire, met with the anticipated success.

"The resulting recommendations mark the first steps in an animal health programme of crucial interest to poor farmers worldwide.

"The programme will be implemented by the OIE and FAO together with regional and national partners," said Dr Vallat.

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