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Colombian Sheep Production Policy Released to Public

13 April 2015

COLOMBIA - The Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) has released a draft resolution on strengthening the sheep and goat production industry, for consultation with the public.

The Institute wants to listen to all stakeholders and develop policies to ensure good farming practices in the industry.

It hopes that the resolution will provide healthy animals, competitive products and manage the development of the supply chain.

Luis Humberto Martinez Lacouture, CEO of ICA, stressed the importance of the livestock in the country.

He said: "Considering that there are more than 14 breeds of sheep recorded in Colombia and around 10 kinds of goats, and it is a growing industry, it is very important to generate health policies and measures to strengthen this important sector of the national economy.

"For this reason, I invite all people and producer associations to review the draft resolution and make their contributions to this measure to ensure all elements of security and safety, and thus provide reliable and competitive products."

The areas with increased production of sheep and goats include Cundinamarca Antioquia, Córdoba, Boyacá and Tolima.

The proposed resolution is under public consultation until 14 April 2015, and is available on the Institute's website.

Among the breeds of sheep produced in the country are the Dorper, Romanov, Persian blackhead, Cheviot, Pelibuey, due to their efficiency in feed conversion, excellent quality of products and easy adaptation to all types of weather.

Alpina, Boer, Lamancha, are among the Anglo-Nubian goat breeds established in the country and have generated a significant contribution to productive innovation.

Further Reading

You can view the draft resolution by clicking here.

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