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5m Publishing - EuroTier Digital - Register your Interest!

5m Publishing - EuroTier Digital - Register your Interest!

Out Now - The Eurotier Digital Magazine

This special edition covers key areas of animal and livestock production including automation in feeding and production, modern rearing methods and animal health and welfare issues.

Special Features

  • EuroTier–an International Exhibition for Modern Animal Husbandry
  • Europe's Biggest and Most International Trade Show for the Livestock Sector
  • African Swine Fever –Growing Concern Across Europe
  • How Do the Danes Manage to Rear 35 Piglets Per Sow and Year?
  • A Watchful Eye: How Do We Assess Health in Bigger Dairy Herds?
  • How to Ensure Highest Welfare Practices in Aquaculture
  • New Concept for New VIV Russia
  • How to Maintain Profitability in the European Poultry Meat Sector