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Steam Vacuum Pasteurisation on Sheep Carcases
Steam vacuum pasteurisation on the surface of sheep and lamb carcases is efficient in reducing microbial numbers....
Dakota Lamb Finishers Describe Operation and Move Indoors
A North Dakota lamb-feeding operation reacted to saturated fields by constructing sheds, in so doing boosting feed conversion and reducing death loss. ...
Finding Compounds that Determine Lamb Flavour
A study to determine the flavour of lamb found that it depends on the levels of volatile fatty acids on the surface as well as other complex chemical compounds....
How Colour Changes in Ageing in Vacuum Aged Lamb
The effect of vacuum ageing of lamb steaks from early fattening lambs during aerobic display sees quality changes in the meat that include changes in colour and an increase in the pH values....
What’s in the Sheep Genome? Wool See
After eight years of work, researchers have completed the first sequencing of the entire sheep genome....

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