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Population of rare Stone's sheep smaller than thought
Genetic analysis reveals misclassification of subspecies of thinhorn sheep and leads to a more accurate estimate....
How the West was Won (with Smaller, Tougher Sheep)
In parts of the western United States, rangeland stocking rates are as low as one sheep to every 10 acres. Sheep need to be tough to survive in this harsh, unforgiving country where the weather, predators and sparse forage mean only the most sturdy survive,...
Listening to Consumers to Maintain Agriculture’s Social Licence
Today it seems everyone has an opinion about how food should be grown, writes Angela Lovell....
US Sheep Dairying - Small Industry Thinks Big
The expansion of US sheep dairying is hampered by cheap imports undermining domestic product. American sheep dairy owners cite heavily subsidised EU cheese with minimal US import tariffs and a favourable euro to dollar exchange rate as cause, writes John...
The Engine of UK Lamb Production
UK mule ewes’ role as the leading prime lamb source is being challenged. This popular crossbreed faces competition, writes John Wilkes....
Tri-Lamb Group: 3 Countries, 1 Goal
The Tri-Lamb Group is investing time and resources to identify future sheep industry leaders to promote cooperation, understanding and ultimately grow the sale of lamb for all three nations....

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