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Mastitis in Sheep and Goats
Mastitis in sheep and goats is important because it can reduce productivity of the animals and farm profitability....
US Sheep Dairying - Small Industry Thinks Big
The expansion of US sheep dairying is hampered by cheap imports undermining domestic product. American sheep dairy owners cite heavily subsidised EU cheese with minimal US import tariffs and a favourable euro to dollar exchange rate as cause, writes John...
Lamb Nutrition Research Could Lead to Improved Survival Rate
Research on the effects of body condition score and level of protein supply on ewe and lamb performance could lead to improved lamb survival rates and financial benefits for farmers....
Sufficient Food Vital for Functioning Ram Sperm
An animal biologist says poor nutrition results in genetic damage to sperm cells and lower sperm motility for rams, writes Geoff Vivian for Science Network Western Australia....
Breeding Programmes Needed to Eliminate Scrapie
An eradication policy for Classical Scrapie that relies only on the detection and culling of infected flocks and does not include breeding programmes for resistance is unlikely to succeed, according to experts on EFSA’s Panel on Biological Hazards....
Health and Management Practices on US Sheep Operations
Producers sometimes inadvertently bring disease onto their operations by adding new animals to their flock....

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