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Pirbright scientists show re-emerged bluetongue strain still poses a threat
Scientists at The Pirbright Institute have shown that the strain of bluetongue virus (BTV) currently circulating in France poses a threat to susceptible animals in Europe, despite causing less clinical disease than the original BTV-8 strain responsible...
Researchers determine bluetongue strain, origin in 2016 Cyprus outbreak
In a new study, published in the journal Viruses, scientists in the Non-Vesicular Reference Laboratory (NVRL) at the BBSRC-funded Pirbright Institute have used genetic analyses and wind modelling to show that the 2016 bluetongue outbreak in Cyprus was...
The simple truth behind sheepdog behaviour
Puzzled as to how one sheepdog can herd dozens of sheep, scientists investigated this remarkable feat using both computer models and experiments in the field....
Mastitis in Sheep and Goats
Mastitis in sheep and goats is important because it can reduce productivity of the animals and farm profitability....
History of native Welsh sheep breeds revealed
The genetic integrity of native Welsh sheep breeds combined with contemporary scientific techniques will develop the commercial flocks of the future....
Unravelling British wool: how the local and global are intertwined in the making of everyday products
Following incidents like the European horsemeat scandal and Rana Plaza building collapse, consumers have begun to demand more visibility and transparency within supply chains. But how easy is it to untangle where products like supermarket burgers or high...

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