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British Sheep Back in the Fold as US Lifts Genetic Import Ban
Proposed changes to long-standing legislation mean new opportunities are on the way for flocks on both sides of the Atlantic, writes John Wilkes....
The Engine of UK Lamb Production
UK mule ewes’ role as the leading prime lamb source is being challenged. This popular crossbreed faces competition, writes John Wilkes....
Montana Fleece - America’s Finest
A chance meeting on a Montana ski lift was the beginning of an innovative new clothing company – Duckworth. When sheep rancher John Helle met outdoor clothing entrepreneur Robert Bernthal the idea to produce high quality performance clothing from Mr...
The End of Hawaii’s Ancestral Sheep?
The future for heritage free-roaming sheep on the Big Island of Hawaii hangs by a thread. These unique descendents of livestock deposited by Captain George Vancouver in 1791 are under pressure, writes John Wilkes....
Start Planning For Breeding Season: How to Check Your Ram
Sheep farmers should be thinking about assessing rams, evaluating eight different key areas, advises levy board Teagasc. ...
What is Genomics? A Sheep Perspective
Genomics is a rapidly expanding field within livestock agriculture and sheep farmers can now benefit. But what can we select for and what is the difference between genomics and genetics?...

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